The impact of Sean’s death is felt as far away as Maui, Hawaii, where I live. I never knew him, but from everything I have read, he is someone I would aspire to be, even if I am two decades older than he is. The world is deprived of him and not the other way around. I am so sad. I only hope we can all learn to shine our light a bit brighter and be as kind and caring as Sean was while he was here. Then his death will not be for nothing.

We never met Sean Collier however after reading about him and his dedication to the The Jimmy Fund chances are our family was unknowing recipient of his kindness and generosity. We will never be able to say Thank You to Sean for helping families like ours through a very difficult time and Jude may have never met Sean but he will grow up knowing his name, his generosity, his sacrifice, and his spirt. RIP Sean Collier, you will not be forgotten.

The Stresing Family

Dear Sean…

I received a post from my cousin Sue telling me you are a cousin of ours Sean. My grandmother would have been Vesta (Collier) Crocker (she may have been a great aunt to you?). You are with her now. I never met her as she died when my father was small but in my dreams she is a kind spirit. In the stories I hear of you it seems it may run in the Collier blood. I gave my son Collier as his middle name in her honor. It seems fitting as my boy has grown to be compassionate young man as well. I was always sad I was the only kid in my generation that didn’t get Collier as a middle name so I was sure my son would carry it on. You are now another reason the name will continue on in our family.

I want to thank you for being amazing Sean. I was proud to listen and watch all the ceremonies on television in your honor. I enjoyed picking out the familial resemblances in yours and your siblings faces (My boy was fascinated by the similarities!). My son and I don’t know a lot of our extended family but we are thankful to now know even though you aren’t with us any longer, you are such a symbol of humanity among us. My son is proud to have a hero in his blood line. I am also thankful to you because with all that is wrong with the world and this catastrophe I could give him a focus that was you. Instead of the constant images of destruction and glorifying of the villains I was able to give him you Sean, a cousin who was ambitious, kind, loved and heroic. 

Thank you Sean.  May you rest in peace. 



Praying for your whole family

Dear Collier Family,

The death of Sean is horrible and foul, but I pray you find comfort in his own honor and life. As someone who only knows of this from the radio reports, I want you to know that there are millions praying for your peace in this senseless loss. Thank God here are people who, like Sean, want to uphold and protect the laws and morality of life. No one can take that away. Very sorry for your loss.

Linda Silver, Newport News VA

Sorry I can’t be there today. It was great knowing you, Sean.

Sorry I can’t be there today. It was great knowing you, Sean.

Sean, I never knew you but based on what I have read and heard, I wish I did. I hope everyone around the world reads these submissions so they all know what a great person you were and can live a little more like you did.

We met once and talked about food, you were always full of smiles and joy. Your sacrifice and protection to the MIT community were extraordinary. Thank you.

We will never forget you, Sean.

◦You are in my thoughts.

Words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel about the death of Sean Collier.  I know for certain that we never lose the people that have made a positive impact on our lives, even to death.  Sean will continue to be part of every act, thought and decision we make as police officers.  His kindness has left an imprint in our memories.  We move foward with our lives knowing that Sean Collier will forever be remembered as a good man and would have always been in our corner if we needed him.

May your family and close friends be comforted by the outpouring support of Law Enforcement throughout the United States.

We are thinking of you.


Thank you

Loss of Sean Collier is a tragedy to the MIT community, to state of Massachusetts, and to our nation. I am out of words and unable comprehend the sequence of events that occurred over the course of last week leading to Sean’s death.

My thoughts and condolences are with the Collier family during these trying times.

Sean - a week and a half ago you gave my toddler son a thrill by flicking your lights and sounding the siren on your police van.  Thanks.  I never got to know you but it’s truly a privilege that I won’t ever forget you.


I am from a little town called Rocky Harbour right in the middle of Gros Morne Park, Newfoundland, Canada.

After hearing the news about your visits here with Sean and how you lost your camera with valuable pictures, I hiked a major part of Gros Morne Trail today to try and find your avail.. but be assured if and when its found you folks will certainly get it back.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Sean and all the others who died and were injured.

God Bless from Gros Morne National Park

Officer Collier

Thanks you for your service and making the ultimate sacrifice.  Laying down your life to protect others.  You will never be forgotten.  May god help your family through this terrible time.  I am sure you are walking with the angels. 

God Bless

A campus police officers wife, MA

Sean’s smile

I worked with Sean at the Somerville Police Department’s IT and Records Units. When Sean came into work he always had a smile and was always happy.  He loved working at the SPD. The day he graduated the MBTA Police Academy at Faunal Hall was the biggest smile I ever saw. He and we knew that it was the first step to becoming a Police Officer.

Sean helped everyone and anyone who asked for help. The Somerville Police Department will never be the same without Sean. He will always be remembered by everyone he touched and never will be forgotten by me.  Rest in heaven Sean, Rick




Officer Sean you are the best

I am an MIT graduate student. I admittedly didn’t know his name when we met, but being the forgetful person that I am I often lock myself out of my office with my lab notebook/ laptop and embarrassingly have to call the MIT police on the weekends to let me in. Many times it was Officer Sean who showed up to save the day and although we didn’t know each other formally, he would always laughingly mock me saying “it’s you again huh?”. Always professional and warm at the same time. Our research would have not been able to be conducted with you, you are a hero to all of us at MIT and around the nation. Thank you so much for injecting your personality, so that we have something to take a piece with us moving forwards. Thank you again so much. Peace and love to his family, he’s protecting us from above now. 

I never knew Sean until his tragic death but I’m filled with admiration and gratitude for his selfless service and dedication.I pray for his family and friends who are left to deal with loss and pain after his horriffic death.God now has a new angel. I believe Sean was an angel and hero during histime with us.He has my absolute lifelong admiration. May he Rest in Peace and inspuire others to follow in his path